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Kiss My Keto: Electrolyte Powder

Kiss My Keto: Electrolyte Powder

Kiss My Keto
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Here’s a fruity and keto-friendly way to meet your electrolyte needs on a low-carb diet. If you’d rather have an electrolyte drink than a capsule, you’ll love this. 


Supplementing with electrolytes is important for people on a keto diet. Electrolytes are beneficial to your health and physical performance!

Maintain healthy electrolyte levels.

When you limit carbohydrates in your diet, your glycogen stores get depleted. As you flush out water from your body, your electrolyte levels may decrease as well. These electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, chloride. 

Mixed berry electrolyte powder helps you restore lost electrolytes. That way, you can feel your best and stay healthy on keto. Take it in addition to eating natural, nutritious foods!

Reduce “keto flu” symptoms. 

Keto flu describes a collection of unpleasant symptoms experienced by people who just started a low-carb, keto diet. Getting adequate amounts of electrolytes is an effective way to reduce symptoms such as muscle cramps, low energy, and headaches. 

Zero carbs and zero sugar. 

There are plenty of available electrolyte drinks out there, but the majority of them contain sugar. As you already know, sugar causes blood glucose spikes. Mixed berry electrolyte powder lets you stay in ketosis since it’s sugar-free and carb-free. 

What Is Keto Replenish Made Of?

Clean and simple ingredients.

Calcium (64mg)

The most abundant mineral in your body, calcium is mostly found in your teeth and bones. Calcium is also essential for muscle contraction and relaxation, nerve function, and hormone release. 

Magnesium (150mg)

Magnesium aids in 300 biochemical reactions in your body. It helps convert the food you eat into energy and it regulates your blood glucose levels. 

Zinc (2mg)

You need very small amounts of zinc to maintain health. Zinc boosts your immune system to protect you from infections and diseases. 

Chloride (345mg)

Chloride helps keep the fluid inside and outside your cells in check. When your body loses a lot of fluids, your chloride levels can also decrease. 

Sodium (140mg)

Sodium is another important electrolyte that helps maintain normal nerve and muscle function. Cutting out excess carbs from your diet can cause your body to lose sodium through your urine. 

Potassium (300mg) 

Potassium has many functions in your body. It helps your heart pump blood throughout your body, regulates nerve and muscle function, and maintains normal body growth. 


We use stevia instead of sugar to sweeten our mixed berry electrolyte powder. It comes from the stevia plant, contains no calories, and may even balance your blood sugar levels. 

When Keto Replenish Electrolyte Powder Work Best

At the start of your day

Take our keto replenish powder as a refreshing and energizing morning beverage. You can have it instead of coffee or tea. Just mix it with water and add ice.

For post-workout recovery

Mixed berry electrolyte powder is a great way to hydrate and replace your electrolytes after a long and tiring workout. (Remember that sweat is made up of water as well as electrolytes!) 

Snack time

Enjoy our keto replenish drink with a low-carb snack. Have it with tuna salad lettuce wraps, plain hard boiled eggs, or almonds. It’s perfect for keeping cool on a warm afternoon!